Industrial services and logistics

For service and logistics companies serving industrial clients it is increasingly important – if not crucial – to offer an international service. For many the best way of developing and extending a company's operating network is through mergers and acquisitions.

Our understanding of the global manufacturing supply chain and the relationships we have built up over the years with key investors and businesses enable us to identify purchasers or targets on behalf of clients quickly and accurately and, if required, engage them in dialogue about a possible sale or acquisition.

Key drivers within this sector revolve around the need for manufacturers, customers and end-users to focus on their core competencies and outsource their logistics and supply-chain management requirements to specialist third-party service providers.

Often these providers are specialised and need sector-specific knowledge to understand the complexities of a particular supply chain, such as regulatory and certification frameworks, in order to provide their customers with streamlined, cost-effective strategies, often for the entire life of a product or platform.

These trends towards supply chain rationalisation are apparent amongst logistics and distribution companies providing out-sourced services to a variety of end markets, including commercial aerospace, oil, gas and general industrial.