Restructuring services

We advise shareholders, boards, investors and banks on how struggling businesses in the aerospace & defence and industrials sectors may be able to grow in value and profitability.

Business can lose their way for a variety of reasons and it often takes an independent third party with a detailed knowledge of the relevant market to identify how a business can be restructured to return to profit, or sold to new owners in a position to realise its true potential.

The following scenario is representative of the type of work and outcomes we seek to achieve for clients and businesses.

An international bank approached us as it was considering placing one of its industrial clients into administration. The business had fallen behind with its debt repayments, having invested heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment but failed to achieve the increase in orders expected.

Following a thorough analysis of the company's assets, performance and operations, we suggested to our client that we might be able to find a buyer who would be interested in its manufacturing capacity. Not only would this solution save the business, it would also save the bank the costs of placing the business into administration.

Our industry knowledge and contacts enabled us to draw up a short list of potential purchasers quickly, two of which were expressed interest in the distressed assets. One of these had an extensive distribution network but outsourced manufacturing, so clearly had a complementary fit. The bank accepted our recommendations, we initiated negotiations and an outcome which was satisfactory to both parties.