Buy-side services

Steen Associates draws on its extensive knowledge and relationships across businesses active in the global aerospace & defence and industrials sectors to help corporates, directors, business owners and professional investors acquire businesses that meet their criteria.

Specifically, a company may ask us to review the universe of potential acquisition targets in light of certain specific criteria – size range, capabilities, key relationships with suppliers, customers, etc. Once we have researched and identified possible targets, our client may then ask us to approach some or all of them without revealing the identity of the purchaser to gauge their interest in a sale.

We recognise that different purchasers have different motives for seeking to buy companies in the industrials sector. Directors may want to establish or consolidate a market-leading position by expanding horizontally – buying competitors, or increase control of the supply chain within their sector or subsector by expanding vertically – buying suppliers or customers. On the other hand, professional investors are often looking to acquire a growing business with the aim of providing additional capital, and adding value through operational improvements.

Whatever your objectives, we provide the informed advice required to understand why a given subsector, competitor, supplier or related company is attractive and how it is likely to perform. Once we have identified possible targets, drawing on our detailed knowledge of trends within the specific subsector we will analyse market dynamics, the competitive landscape and other issues that could affect the performance of your possible acquisition.

Our buy-side services include:

  • unlocking a situation through our extensive contacts in the industry
  • working with you to formulate an acquisition strategy
  • identifying and approaching targets
  • advising on the structure of the transaction
  • reviewing the competitive landscape if a target is being sold by auction
  • formulating an appropriate valuation including evaluating financial performance and forecasts
  • interacting with counterparties and formulating an acquisition plan/timeline
  • negotiating and advising during the course of the transaction
  • formulating a post-acquisition strategy
  • formal process management.